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Dc Organix was founded with one goal in mind; providing high-quality, organic, locally grown bud. We offer an assortment of flower, concentrates, edibles and locally sourced carts. Take your high to the next level by shopping with us. We provide exceptional customer service, and our selection is simply exquisite. Browse organic top-shelf cannabis here now.

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Connoisseur Strains

3.5g/ $60 7G/ $120 14G/ $220 28G/$420

Blue Raspberry Gumbo (I) 36.0% THC

Lemon Cherry Gelato (H) 32.0% THC

XO Pink (I) 33.0% THC

Chocolate Cherry Runtz (I) 33.0%THC

Blue Candy Gelato (H) 35.0%THC

Twizlers (I) 34.0%THC

Top Shelf Indoor

3.5G/$50 7G/$80 14G/$160 28G/$280

Cherry OG (H) 27.0% THC

Animal Fritz (H) 25.0% THC

Oreoz (H) 26.0% THC

Zkittles (I) 27.0% THC

Cookies And Cream (H) 26.0% THC

Dolato (I) 23.0

Spiked Punch (I) 22.0% THC

Animal Mint (H) 25.0% THC

Garlic Cookies (I) 20.0% THC

Ounce Only

$150 Per Ounce Single Strand

$175 Mix and match

Georgia Pie(I) 20.0%THC

Wedding cake (H) 22.0%THC

Gelato 33 (H) 20.0%THC

Biscotti (H) 21.0% THC

Og Kush (I) 20.0% THC


$40 Faded Fruits Gummies (500mg) 

Strawnanna (I) 

Grape ape (I)


$50 Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Cookies and Cream Chocolate 3.5g

Strawberry Sprinkles 3.5g

Dark Chocolate 3.5g

White Chocolate 3.5g

$40 Magic Mushrooms per eighth

Penis Envy

Pre Rolls

$10 king size pre-rolls

Text For Strains


$60 Full Gram Distillate Cartridge

Gorilla Glue 4 (H)

Blue Dream (S)

Girl Scout Cookie (H)

Wedding Cake (I)

***Questions? Call or text 202-247-1264 | $80 Minimum for delivery | ID required to confirm ALL appointments | We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason | In some cases, a DELIVERY FEE will apply***


John Smith

3.5 super glue, 2 cherry og gummies

420 high st